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Welcome to the festival of storytellers

Provides you close access to storytellers and shows you how everyone has a story to tell. Join 20,000 of the worlds brightest minds in publishing to learn, share stories and connect online. TFOS streams 100+ Authors, consisting of hyper-focused stories, panels and live Q&A sessions to help take your book to the next level. The all-in-one event will bring you closer to leading publishers and brands than ever before from the comfort of your home.


Scott Rahn
Scott Rahn
The Book of It
Author Photo
Wilma Forester
The Adventures of Nagel of Ancient Babylonia
Jack Hetzel
Jack Hetzel
Divine Devotions: Hear what God says
Colossians Verse By Verse
Author Photo
David Vancelette
How God Thinks: Revealing God’s Heart through the Language of Symbolism
Gina Venable
Closer to Home
Author Photo
Bruce Leiter
Divided Together 2094
Divided Together 2084
Divided Together 2104
Author Photo
Clarence Causby
Soul Exchange
Kishwar Mirza
Stories and Poems from a Grandmother’s Heart
Author's Photo- beach
Daniel Harry
The Jesus Ring
Ramblings of an Old Poot
Author Pic_Vosefski
Edith Vosefski
Leo and the Spirit of Golden Boy
The Nine Lives of Curious Edith
Scott Harral
Wayne Scott Harral
Moon Luck
Maurie Daigneau
The Gospel You’ve Never Heard: An Understanding That Will Change Your Life
Author Photo
Dr. Dorothy Travis Moore
Moving Students From Potential to Performance
Author Photo
Kenny Harmon
Sad Papaw: The Early Years
Sad Papaw’s Those were the Days
Sad Papaw’s Heritage
Author's photo
Rosser McDonald
Real Prison Real Freedom
Bobbie J. Mclaren
The Sounds at River’s Edge
The First Annual Duck Springs Whistling Contest
carol2 (2)
Carol L. Wagstaff
Reclaim, Restore and Rebuild: Hope for Families Impacted by Sexual Brokenness
Author Photo
Carl Mitchell
Friendship City: Hanging By A Thread
Author's photo
Joab Stieglitz
The Other Realm: Book Three of the Utgarda Trilogy (The Utgarda Series 3)
The Old Man’s Request: Book One of the Utgarda Series
“I had the honor of being asked to participate in the first-ever The Festival of Storytellers planned by ReadersMagnet. I was contacted by Florine, who informed me that my book The Journey Home was selected to have a part in this festival With the expert assistance of both Florine and John O’Campo. I was able to go live from my virtual booth to engage with festival-goers from around the world! This is an outstanding company with highly skilled people to work with!”
“What a grand experience I’ve just had as an author-participant at The Festival of Storytellers presented by ReadersMagnet. This being a first-time virtual event, the usual unexpected, and not always pleasant, surprises often arose as all the technical elements were being put together. It was fun and afforded me the opportunity to connect with readers and other authors just as I had hoped. I would recommend the services of ReadersMagnet and their Liaisons to other authors.”
“Readers Magnet is professional and thorough. RM has been consistent, professional, and encouraging in providing its service to small and first-time book publishers such as myself. Their production of The Festival of Storytellers in April was excellent, despite some technical glitches. But, I am sure they will overcome them such that I look forward to the repeat in November 2021.”
Scott Harral
Wayne Scott Harral
“I participated in The Festival of Storytellers, a very unique virtual book fair event that focused on the author rather than on Readers Magnet Authors had an opportunity to live stream from their booths which featured videos and an opportunity to purchase books directly from the booth. Authors could purchase an hour live broadcast which also offered enhanced exposure about the author and their works. All this on a very sophisticated platform that you would expect from a traditional publisher but not a vanity press in self-publishing Kudos to a very successful event. I am sold on ReadersMagnet.”
“#FestivalofStoryTellers – What a great experience! Well planned, organized and presented. If you get the opportunity to participate, participate in the next one. #ReadersMagnet – An excellent team – Enthusiastic, professional, encouraging, and willing to do what they can to make you a well-known author. “
Author Photo_Koomans
Anne Davey Koomans
“A positive experience from start to finish. ReadersMagnet made this experience very easy and enjoyable for me. RM gave me the support I needed to participate in the Festival of Storytellers with constant follow-up and clear communication, so I knew exactly what to do to prepare. Unlike the previous publisher, I was contacted at least twice a week during my entire publishing project and my two representatives were always so excited to move the project forwards. Once again, a huge thank you, and God Bless ReadersMagnet.”
Kennon Keith


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