Organizing a Virtual Book Fair: How Does It Work?

organizing a virtual book fair, like The Festival of Storytellers
Organizing a virtual book fair differs from the usual in-person event, but the goal remains: to celebrate stories and storytellers.

Many independent authors often need help allocating sufficient budgets to promote their books. Nevertheless, authors can use numerous cost-effective and creative techniques to market their books and attract new readers. One way is by participating in or organizing a virtual book fair offering vast outreach opportunities. 

With countless books to discover, an online book fair, like The Festival of Storytellers (TFOS), is a platform that nurtures a love for reading. It’s a treasure trove of free-flowing ideas and a delightful way to explore the world of literature.

TFOS: A Seed of Opportunity

The impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the global economy is well-known. Like other creative and cultural sectors, the self-publishing industry has been significantly impacted by decreasing the number of physical book fairs. ReadersMagnet (RM) took the crisis as a chance to showcase the company’s ingenuity in helping authors share their stories, giving birth to The Festival of Storytellers

Now, in its fifth chapter, TFOS is a virtual book fair dedicated to helping self-published authors get heard. The convenience, creative freedom, and networking opportunities make TFOS a game-changing event in publishing. Whether you are a bookworm searching for the next story to explore or an independent author seeking a novel way to market your book, TFOS Chapter 5 is an event you would want to attend. 

The Art of Joining Virtual Book Fairs

Authors joining book fairs will have an option worth exploring when promoting their books. Signing up for virtual book fairs increases the likelihood of them having thousands of readers and industry experts within their reach. If you are one of our beloved authors, plan how to navigate virtual events like TFOS to maximize its impact carefully. Here’s how joining virtual book fairs works:

Check the Details

Visit the event’s official website to check and verify all necessary details. For instance, if you plan to join TFOS 5, you only need to visit

Take note of vital information, such as the registration date, participation fee, event length, date of the program, and exhibitors. You can also take this time to read and watch published materials about the previous chapters of the book fair.


To join, fill in all the required details to register for the event. After completing your registration, you will receive all the necessary parts to access the virtual event.

Be Updated

Don’t settle for the main event. Expect a wide range of pre-event activities before the book fair begins and gain insight into the best yet to come. Stay tuned for the updates following your registration by following RM’s official social media accounts. Who knows? A fantastic prize awaits you!

Stay Connected

Since TFOS is a virtual event, you have to secure your internet connection before the book fair. Apart from setting up a comfortable space to truly enjoy the experience, preparing backup WiFi, such as pWiFi or portable hotspots, is necessary. 

Online book fairs play a vital role in promoting reading habits among people and in creating a literate society. Reading books shapes an individual’s personhood, helps them develop critical thinking, and makes novel ideas. Whether you are a budding author or an avid reader, participate in TFOS Chapter 5.

If you’d like to know more about the TFOS virtual book fair, please visit For any additional information or questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at ReadersMagnet. You can send us an email at or give us a call at 1-800-805-0762. We look forward to hearing from you!

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  1. Thank you for the phone call I received today, and for the informative letter about the TFOS virtual event. It sounds like a real nice one.
    Tomorrow someone is going to call me to answer some questions I have and then we’ll go from there.
    I look forward to possibly meeting all of you sometime.
    Leslie Racz

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