ReadersMagnet’s Journey with The Festival of Storytellers

The Festival of Storytellers Chapter 5, the biggest virtual book fair
The Festival of Storytellers may be only in its 5th chapter, but ReadersMagnet’s journey with it has been nothing short of meaningful.

Everyone is a storyteller deserving of getting their stories heard. Unfortunately, there can be limited opportunities for independent authors to have a platform to share their stories. Addressing this constraint and cinching authors’ ambitions of amplifying their voices, ReadersMagnet has established its biggest virtual book fair, The Festival of Storytellers (TFOS).

All About This One-of-a-Kind Book Event

TFOS was born during the pandemic, a global suffering that left a massive wound to society. The pandemic hadn’t only impacted businesses but also people who desired to explore the world but closed their doors instead. As we had experienced, this occurrence resulted in numerous disturbances and hindered people’s routines. Nonetheless, it also brought about new initiatives that further enhanced people’s lives – especially in the literary field.

Recognizing the risks the pandemic has imposed, most in-person book fairs were faced with uncertainties. This rendered most to close, shutting their books from curious onlookers. But others chose a different route, a refreshingly sharp idea of going digital.

One was the self-publishing and marketing company ReadersMagnet, which logged its first-ever virtual book fair last April 2021. To celebrate numerous authors without compromising its audience’s safety, ReadersMagnet has designed the biggest virtual book fair to be enjoyed in the comfort of everyone’s home. Walking around aisle after aisle remains a heart-thumping and exciting feeling. But listening to authors share their journeys provides a different type of comfort.

ReadersMagnet’s journey with The Festival of Storytellers breaks through the scene as a solution not just to the pandemic’s stringent demands but also for readers unable to travel far and wide.

ReadersMagnet’s Journey So Far

With the success found in its first installment, The Festival of Storytellers continued to inspire and delight its audience until its most recent chapter concluded in 2022.

Founded around the mission of helping literature grow, ReadersMagnet’s journey with The Festival of Storytellers became an arena for networking. The book fair helped authors find like-minded individuals they could bond and connect with to develop their craft further. It has also helped booklovers widen their interests and wisdom for various pressing societal issues. This virtual celebration stands as an outlet for anyone in the literary scene to discuss, meet, connect, and inspire.

With three successfully executed chapters of the said book fair, ReadersMagnet’s journey maximizes its influence and growing audience. The company understands how challenging it is for authors to make a name in the ever-challenging market. Hence, they’ve continuously supported self-published authors who desired to get their names out and their stories heard.

What Happens During the Virtual Event

Fairgoers might wonder what exactly takes place in a virtual book fair like TFOS. The shorter answer is it’s almost similar to the physical ones, only more comfortable and accessible.

Instead of walking around the room hoping to find the perfect reading material, the material finds readers in online events. Authors conduct interviews, talking about their books, motivations, and journeys. They also share the platform with various authors to converse about different matters, exchanging opinions and insights about similar concepts.

And throughout these segments, the audience’s input is the most anticipated.     

Welcoming Its Upcoming Chapter

ReadersMagnet’s journey is far from its conclusion. From January 22 to February 4, 2024, ReadersMagnet logs back in for The Festival of Storytellers Chapter 5. Following the same program of exciting segments and author interviews, viewers can anticipate a meaningful time with their favorite authors. Wisdom will be shared, and lessons will be learned during this upcoming event.

It’s something that should be on everybody’s roster next year.

Don’t miss the opportunity to meet new and wonderful faces in the literary field. The Festival of Storytellers Chapter 5 will be ringing your invites from January 22 to February 4, 2024. Register at or call 1-800-805-0762 for more information.

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