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Chris Kline

The author when at 19 finds herself on the Rolling Stones plane. Last stop NYC.

She decided to give up her career as a horse trainer and became the party girl. One night after dinner a voice called to her and entered her with a brilliant light claiming to be God. The spirit stayed with her for nine years channelling and writing hundreds of pagers by automatic writing. She moved in the supernatural warfare. It was this life experience that led her to write this fiction book

SOULWARS:  We all are in the heavenly battle. How do we protect ourselves as evil thrusts its power into people?

Soul Wars

The characters and situations will hold the reader’s attention because they are so common and believable. Have you noticed in your family line one generation to the next besetting habits, tempers, abuse, poverty, cancer, or early deaths? This story shows the trail of evil and good spirits in the lives of four families. It is shocking how evil spirits can manipulate family members to turn against each other, but on the other hand, angels prevent some of the evil before and during the encounter. Through characters like ourselves read and see how they operate even in a normal family.

Every once and a while a new author comes out with a realistic novel that will entertain you over a couple of nights and then some. The characters are likeable and some just plain evil.

Those such characters are in this book, and you will find yourself rooting for some and hoping for demise with others. Of course, some must get killed off. Most of the events, good and bad are common to us all. Temptations, lust, anger, and fear emerge triggered by outside influence and even accidental death. Behind the scenes orchestrating mishaps or challenging good choices are angels of various, and motives. Spirits will get permission to activate and agitate the family’s unchecked emotions. The story revolves around four families in the Midwest that from grandparents down there is a line of deception out to control destinies. They all are walking in the supernatural by choice and set them up to fail or succeed. As you let your mind wrap around the people of this town, you may think of someone you know or even yourself being led in the same direction.

In the spirit world, much activity, good or bad are possible by permission and the schemes are directed toward humans. Young and old alike. Sometimes these supernatural creatures illuminate in our sphere just for moments or stay with a family for generations. We are all subjected to them just like the families in our story.

Nelibeth Plaza

Retired after serving for twenty-seven years in the New York City Department of Education as an elementary school teacher and formerly as an assistant principal.

Is it Santa?

In this story based on actual true events, MOTHER REBEKKAH has been baking Christmas cookies all day for the soon arrival of Santa. Rebekkah proceeds to arrange the cookies into a lovely gift basket wrapped into a transparent cellophane clear plastic wrap. When she returns home after picking up her children; Mya, Charlie, and Jacob from school to be confronted with an unbelievable scene.

Cookies from the basket were removed and placed on the kitchen counters and the adjacent living room. The children believing that Santa arrived early and placed these cookies on the coffee table, two end tables and sofa. However, MOTHER REBEKKAH quickly explains to the children that this was not Santa’s doing, and also, it was much too early for Santa. In addition, Santa would never knock down the beautiful red poinsettias from the window sill.

Now everyone in great distress and most solve the mystery. However, it is Jacob who is the youngest becomes the hero in solving the mystery using his inquiry skills and the use of his magnifying glass.

Eileen Ferriter

Eileen Ferriter was born in Massachusetts and introduced to painting at an early age.

She attended Smith College, where she studied fine arts, theater design, and architecture. Eileen is an award-winning designer with extensive management experience in the sports and leisure industries, and her joy of sailing began in her twenties. In her debut book, Sailing the Milky Way, A Passport to the Unimagined, she combines her interests through this story of wonder, whimsy, and a little bit of magic.

Frank Heller

Frank Heller has published biographical and exhibition catalogs on American and European artists, some of which are housed in the library of the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, DC.

He was a Hospital Corpsman in US Navy during the early years of the Viet Nam war. To write The Secret Empress, he drew upon his thirty years of experience working in and traveling to China in the import business. Mr. Heller resides in Beverly Hills where he is currently hard at work on his nest thriller.

The Secret Empress

The nightmares were always the same, always rousing him from a sound sleep with a shock.  The sound of gunfire, the screams, and the sensation of holding the lifeless body of the twelve-year old boy he couldn’t save – even in sleep the memories were as vivid as the reality thirty-five years ago.

Joe Wilder turned his back on that secret life, focusing on turning a reputation as a savvy, wining body builder – six times Mr. Olympia and seven times Mr. Universe – into a billion-dollar international health and fitness conglomerate. With the exception of the bad dreams, he had thought that old life had been relegated to ancient history. But sometimes, when you least expect it, life can surprise you.

Joe Wilder had come to the Chinese Import/Export Fair to renegotiate contracts with his suppliers and the Deputy Minister of Trade. In consideration of the new contracts, the Deputy Minister asked Joe for a small favor. He was asked to help a young Chinese boy, Charley, get to America. But within twelve hours of signing the new contracts, the Deputy Minister of Trade was murdered.

In an instant, Joe became both a murder suspect and the guardian of a twelve year old boy with a secret. Suddenly, he needed all those old nearly forgotten skills and training just stay alive. The oldest and most powerful criminal gang in China, the Bai Lang – the White Wolf – desperately wanted to kidnap or kill Charley. And Joe Wilder was their only lead.

Hunted by every drug dealer, thug and petty criminal who owed allegiance to the Bai Lang, with control of more than half of China’s economy at stake, Joe had four days to get Charley to safety.

Sheila M. Drummer

Sheila M. Drummer was ordained and appointed as Assistant to the Youth ministry of Greater Lighthouse ( DBA The Blessing Corner Ministries ) where she still serves today. For the past twenty-two years. she has ministered the love of Jesus Christ to the lives of thousands of children, adults, and Seniors.

My Vision Of Hell: A Sacrifice For Others To See

My Vision of Hell: A Sacrifice for Others to See is about a dream that God gave to me in 1992. By the end of that same year, I backslid, and after a period of repentance, in 1995, God gave me the order in which to write about it. I was in such a struggle in starting to even write, because regrettably I backslid again in 1996. I realized that this job was not for me. And I knew that God had definitely got the wrong person to write for him.

It was in December 2003 when God audibly spoke in my ears, “I’ve called imperfect people for perfect tasks, and in me [in him] are great victories.” Then he said, “Write it down, put it in a book, and tell my people, tell my churches that “HELL, IT IS REAL!”

Walter Clark Boutwell

W. Clark Boutwell is a gentleman of a certain age who has spent most of the time since he was eighteen-years-old learning to be a physician, practicing his craft, and teaching it to others.

In the middle of his seventh decade, he was seized, as these things will happen to men of a certain age, with the conceit to write.

What was initially planned to be a short story, a large work for a novice writer, eventually morphed into a two-book and then a three-book series: Old Men and Infidels.

He is fascinated by how the narrative of history is forgotten, used, abused, invented, denied, transmitted, warped and generally dealt with rather shabbily.

To “use up” the OMAI world, two more books are in the works. The Silence and the Gods is in editing and (W/T) Unity Ascending is well started. (See Why Omai).

He lives with his bride of 40+ years (when he is not working and she tolerates him) in rural Alabama near Montgomery. He is a believer, long distance hiker, climber, traveler, bad poet and worse wit.

You have been warned.

Malila Of The Scorch: Book 3 of Old Men and Infidels

2129 AD – The long-awaited war approaches. Young countries make one kind of mistake, while old countries make another.

For the Unity, the lone surviving high-tech and forward-thinking remnant of a once-vital America, war represents a final chance to liberate the backward and unfashionable Midlands from their centuries-long nightmare of freedom and self-determination.

War breeds opportunity and danger.

Young Malila Chiu, once a hero of the Unity, emerges from the jungle to deliver a dire message to a beleaguered America: the Deep Scorch, a polyarchy of sentient plants, declares itself to be a potent ally—or a dangerous foe. Familiar and distrustful of the Scorch for much of his long life, Jesse Johnstone stays by Malila’s side for the sake of their love.

The grand architect of the war, Unity General Eustace Jourdaine, recovering from grievous injuries, rallies to lead his troops into battle in the hopes of winning a new empire—but for whom?

All the while, within the bowels of the Unity, American spies, William Butler, Hecate, and Elise, delve into the secrets of the CORE and their own mortality to thwart the invasion.

Even as combat and betrayal swirl around him, the Old Man learns too late that this latest battle with the Unis may be his final one.

Malila of the Scorch completes the Malila/Jesse Trilogy that started with Outland Exile and continued with Exiles’ Escape.

Exiles’ Escape: Book 2 of Old Men and Infidels

Nominated for the 2019 Prometheus Award for Best Novel! Malila is dead by her own hand—at least, that is what she hopes General Jourdaine and the entire Unity will believe. Middle-aged eighteen-year-old Malila Chiu has no choice but to escape her homeland. Making common cause with the strange subterranean workers of the beltways, Malila perseveres toward freedom in the Scorched fields of America. Nearly naked, with no friends, no resources and only a scant idea of the route, Malila’s only real information comes from time in the outlands. While a captive of the old, harsh-and-tender-by-turns Jesse Johnstone, Malila learned of the lies told her by her homeland and the truths shown her by the arrogant and contradictory Jesse. She thinks she may love him. If only he were not so strange . . . Pursuing Malila and becoming more obsessed with each failure, Jourdaine moves closer at each turn. Jesse, once again the target for assassination from old enemies, escapes to the skies, using a huge new American R-ship, the Illinois, in his own attempt to find Malila. Spies, subterranean poet-socialists, virtual entities, interfaces, and people—both good and bad—wrestle the Fates for survival and supremacy in a twenty-second-century America.

Outland Exile: Book 1 of Old Men and Infidels

The United States is dead and the Democratic Unity killed it.

After catastrophic wars and the Meltdown, The Unity rules from its East Coast citadel, leaving the outlands to savages and its strangely altered plants. Providing free health care, employment, and ThiZ (the drug of any really civilized life), the Unity mandates retirement at forty before fatigue and error contaminate a culture of youth, innovation and vigor.

With liberating body implants, history’s finest democracy supervises every citizen for her/his/its own and the nation’s welfare. Seventeen-year-old Lieutenant Malila Chiu, is a veteran officer who, despite well-earned fame, finds her career in tatters. Vandalism at a distant station triggers her demotion. Facing denunciation … or worse, Malila’s one option is to enter the outlands to repair the station herself. At first, the repairs go well.

Dropping from fatigue, she wakes to find a hideously ancient savage has murdered her platoon and now holds a knife at her throat, making her the … Outland Exile.


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