What’s New with The Festival of Storytellers Chapter 5

What’s New with The Festival of Storytellers Chapter 5
Embark on a literary journey and see how lexical magic works in your favor. Participating in the Festival of Storytellers Chapter 5 allows the wordsmiths to be heard from all corners of the world.

ReadersMagnet is back with exciting surprises and opportunities for storytellers in The Festival of Storytellers Chapter 5, which will open its gate to the golden road for authors from January 22 to February 4, 2024.

Participating in The Festival of Storytellers allows writers from around the world to showcase their books to readers, publishers, and marketers who are checking out to discover new books and new opportunities from tenured and amateur authors. For readers, the event is a hub to enjoy the best things in the literary world.

Here are what to expect in the 2024 Festival of Storytellers:

Author Discussions

The Festival of Storytellers Chapter 5 offers a virtual Meet and Greet with the authors of the ReadersMagnet roster. Check out your favorite authors and their latest books. Here, you can engage with them as they share more about their books, their projects and advocacies, and the most-awaited Roundtable Sessions for tips, secrets, universes, and analyses.  

Before you join the discussions, you must know the best practices for participating in author panels. It is best to come prepared to have a smooth engagement with your favorite authors. 

Book Launches

Book launching announcements are an exciting event for readers to know if their favorite wordsmiths will share some light about their latest books. Book launches will also allow you to find your next favorite book. Want to know the future plans for your favorite book franchise? The Book Launch is for you!

Engaging Workshops

Since the Festival of Storytellers is a virtual book fair in January, you can enjoy the interactive workshops that ReadersMagnet has in store for you wherever you are. What’s great about the workshops is that they invite everyone, whether you are an experienced writer or someone who wants to start a career in storytelling.

The workshops will also put you in the mix with the seasoned writers, so you will always learn their ways on how they create the most compelling tales that light up a book fair every time. Exercise your writing prowess with the best people in the industry. 

Virtual Bookstore

Discover gripping tales from different authors you should definitely know. Who knows, that self-published author you checked out on a virtual book fair would be the next Stephen King or J.K. Rowling. The light from your lexical stars will always start from opening a book and discovering the world inside it. 


Some stories are meant to be heard. It is not called the Festival of Storytellers without actual engaging storytelling. Come and experience the interactive readings from our roster of authors. Unravel the secrets of creating a compelling tale through live readings that should capture the essence of the world inside the book. 

Networking Opportunities

Learn more about other readers, publishers, and authors in the virtual event to connect with them. Keep yourself in the circle of kindred hearts and keep your flames burning up to light your way into the publishing world. Finding a good marketing network is a strong start to see yourself in the ocean of opportunities as you unfold the next chapters of your literary journey. 

Want to join our roster? Want to participate in the biggest virtual event? Be the next publishing star and register today at www.thefestivalofstorytellers.com

Don’t miss your opportunity to have fun with us in the Festival of Storytellers Chapter 5. Call us at 1-800-805-0762 or email us at contact@thefestivalofstorytellers.com for more details. 

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