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About 8 years ago I was off from work and I was just sitting at the computer. I got these images in my head I didn’t think nothing of it. So a few days later I got the same images in my head but more of it and I knew it was telling a story. I told my mom about it and how I felt like it was supposed to be a book. She said God is telling you to write that book. So I started it and then took a few years off and finished it. Even doing those times of me taking off from writing Soul Exchange, ideas for other books came flooding into my head. They will be very different from Soul Exchange and ever since starting Soul Exchange I’ve enjoyed writing and getting ideas for new books. I loved the idea of creating worlds inside a book and coming up with characters and envisioning them talking and how they act and react to certain situations!

Soul Exchange

Xavier Townsend just graduated high school. He goes to college to get a great job to help out his mom and to make a wonderful life for himself and his girlfriend. To do this, he inadvertently sells his soul and doesn’t realize all the trouble and chaos he would get himself into

Xavier’s life will never be the same, from having strange visions and encounters. Xavier tries to stay focus and yet is still tortured from the dealings of selling his soul. Will he make it out alive, or will he have to come to terms with what he did?

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