Erebus The Ranger

by Clarence Causby

In the kingdom of Sarnis, there was a kind and loving king who loved his people so much and he wanted to make sure that they would always be able to take care of themselves. One day the king died. Another king took over by the name of Thaddeus. He was a merciless King who made the lives of the people miserable. Those who did not agree with him he made them leave their house and live in a district called the slums and the people that lived in the slums were called slum rats. This one family was kicked out and had to move into the slums and they had a child. The Child’s name was Erebus he would be bullied by the children that still lived near the castle one day King Thaddeus’s right-hand man the Torturer came to a Tavern called the Wolf’s Fang and Killed Erebus’s Friend he tried to save her but almost died during the fight. Erebus felt guilty about not being able to fight. One day he decided he would walk the path of revenge for himself and his friends and his family.

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