Share your thoughts on the role of social media in connecting authors with readers.

How has it influenced your reading choices or writing journey?

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  1. One of the most disappointing experiences: a famous middle school writer was on instagram/twitter posting wonderful interactions with students, visiting classrooms etc. We started an exchange and advocating for a small rural midwest school. We were at the point that I brought the project to administration. The final correspondence added the price of several thousand dollars as if it would be available in our district. Needless to say, we couldn’t match Chicago Public Schools.

  2. I absolutely love how generous the authors are over social media platforms such as X. I have bought books to have in my classroom and then we have reviewed and commented. In return, I have received messages and letters that I am able to share with my class from authors that we have read.
    It does annoy me though that there are a small number of people who seem to think everything should be for free. In most jobs, you wouldn’t expect to work for free or just hand stuff over so there shouldn’t be that expectation that an author will do the same – unless they want to of course!

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