For aspiring authors: What’s the biggest challenge you’ve faced in your writing journey, and how have you overcome it?

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  1. The biggest challenge I faced was myself, having belief in myself. The belief that I could put what I had in my head on paper, and others see it and enjoy it. However, having friends and family who believed in me, and were encouraging was a tremendous help in me gaining the confidence that I needed.

  2. I get impatient writing the background around minor characters. I also see the story in my mind but word number is important in order for a publisher to even look at the book. Sometimes I have a great idea for a character but then get confused as to where they should be in the story.

  3. My biggest challenge is defeating my inner critic. It is hard to shut off that voice in my head when I’m writing that continuously is telling me I’m not good enough. Or even worse, telling me that what I have written is worthless.

  4. My biggest challenge is marketing. I have no problems writing, editing, or publishing, but finding buyers (other than my network of those I know personally) eludes me.

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