Discuss the impact of book covers on your reading choices.

Have you ever picked up a book solely because of its cover design?

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  1. Many books can be impulse buys. An eye catching cover can be a quick sale. It can actually get the person’s imagination going; wondering what type of information or adventure lies ahead.

  2. It’s the SECOND thing, after the title! Books with nothing on them at all except the title and author are less likely to catch my attention.
    But the worst is a crazy title, like I’m Glad My Mom Died.

  3. Sometimes the cover shows the main character and that can be a good thing or a bad thing..I kind of like a verbal visualization constructed in my head from a written description… am I weird?..lol

  4. As an adult, the cover of the book became a sideline event. I tend to study reviews and base selections on author. Also, as a senior citizen now, we are using pads for the lighting. I never was good at keeping covers and would soon toss them. But, when dealing with Children’s books, a different story, as long as it is also on the hard cover and not just the paper cover. Focused on illustrations, picture books are reliant on this.

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