Yolanda Pritam Hari

Yolanda Pritam Hari has 40 years in the field of chronic pain, traumatic injury, and natural regeneration. She stands for the emerging paradigm of consciousness as a potent transformative force. Her healing work, education, and deep anatomy training are true passions in her life. An advanced bodyworker and health freedom advocate, Yolanda’s clinical specialty is craniosacral, lymph, and brain therapy. She is an herbalist and yoga therapist as well, who clients call the body whisperer. A growing expert on environmental sensitivities, toxicity, and quantum energy too, Yolanda uses and teaches about quantum scalar technologies that harmonize the nervous system, clear radiation and otherwise toxic environments, and enhance energy fields – ours and the spaces in which we live and work. Yolanda Pritam Hari opened Quiet Mind Healing Ministries in 1988, and currently lives and works in the Bay Area. She brings warmth, hope, excitement, and light everywhere she goes.


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