Cheryle Conelly

Each individual human being has a unique and individual journey that they are experiencing in this world. With each experience comes wisdom, understanding, and enlightenment to that deepest part of who we really are and our relationship to the universe and each other. Given the unique experience that each of us has, walking through this journey on our own provides each of us with a unique and individual story, this is my story.

Chosen by something deep within, my story is expressed through poetry, maybe because the nature of my journey is a love story. In fact, if we broke down every experience in our life to the smallest part we would find that it is always about love. As expressed in a stanza of my poetry, we have a tendency to look for love outside of ourselves not realizing that love is within each of us and that we must become love to be able to fully express love. I have spent a life time trying to define what love is, but have found that it is only discovering what love is not that has allowed me to truly walk in a state of love with myself which is transcendable to others. In every path I have chosen, love has always been the driving force. The journey I started ten years ago brought me back to a place where I always felt love. San Diego California, and that is when my love story began to express itself through poetry.


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