Beverly K. Plauche

For thirty-three years, Beverly K. Plauche lived on her own, and she was very independent. She was married and had one child. The important thing to remember was that she was independent of God. She didn’t even know what she was missing. She thought she believed in God, but she did what she wanted when she wanted. She prayed to God. Sometimes her prayers were answered, but that special relationship with God just wasn’t there. She had quite a few good things happen in her life, but the best was yet to come. She divorced her first husband. She had a need and didn’t even know what it was. Remember that she wasn’t saved yet, but since she believed in God, she prayed that she would meet a man who would sit with her in church. The very next Sunday, that’s exactly what happened. She met Don Plauché. Wow! She had fifteen-year-old and six-month-old daughters. Don had never been married. It didn’t look like they fit, but God had a different story. God and Don really changed her life. Her heart was changed. She started thinking differently about things in her life. It didn’t happen overnight. It was a slow process, but the end results are marvelous. She actually started asking God for his direction before she did something. It was hard at first to let God do it his way, but once she made that decision, it was like she was on autopilot. What a way to go!


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