Silas Marshall

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Silas Marshall was called out of darkness into God’s marvelous light over 40 years ago. His call came while he was in the music industry, singer, songwriter, and producer of his orginal works. All Silas wanted to do is be a success within the Music Industry but God had other plans for him. After his first five year contract was coming to an end, he was offered another seven year contract, with the suprising stipulation that Silas must forget that Jesus **** stuff. Now this through him for a loop because he did not consider himself at the time to be a christian or religious at all. He wanted what most aspiring artist want sucess in the business, and thats all he had on his mind. But when he heard these words coming out of the lawyer mouth, he was shocked, which made something rise up in him the he had never thought about before. And that was if these well established famous rich people hate Jesus so much that why would they keep talking about him daily, So Silas sat back looked at the lawyer and said what did you say, he repeated. Silas told lawyer he rejects the new contract with and told him to go tell the big boss who sent him ill be finding out more about this JESUS. WHICH TOOK SILAS ON A 40 YEAR JORNEY TO FIND OUT THE TRUTH THAT SETS MEN AND WOMEN FREE FROM BEING DECIEVED BY THE DEVIL.

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