Sandra A. Birchfield

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Dr. Birchfield holds a Doctorate of Education in Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis from East Tennessee State University. She taught kindergarten for eight years, worked with Upward Bound ten summers as both a Recreational Director and counselor.

Dr. Birchfield was Associate Director of Admissions for one year, Director for nine years and part time faculty at the University of Virginia’s College at Wise. She worked six years as an elementary school counselor, two years as a middle school assistant principal and nine years as an elementary school principal. She also worked as an adjunct professor for seven years at L.M.U. and three years as full time Assistant Professor. She has worked for eight years teaching online classes for the Center for Teaching Excellence at The University of Virginia’s College at Wise.

She has published “Who Are Those People Back There? Publisher Book Whip, The Li’l Giant Called Manners” Published by Marco Products, and “Goodness Gracious Grumbling is Contagious” published by Book Whip. Dr  Birchfield has published an article for “Principal’s Magazine and has written a chapter on “Adversity vs Diversity” Content and Perspective of a Prearranged World.  This was a departmental publication.

Sandra A. Birchfield

Nobody is Somebody

Goodness, Gracious, Grumbling is Contagious

A story that invites each of us to be on the alert for the grumbling bug, which is very contagious. A family of opossums find it difficult to remain living in their tree because it has been invaded by a family. which has the grumbling bug.

A book for all ages that lets us each discover if we use our good voice each and every day, be kind, and good, “grumbling will stay away.”

Who Are Those People Back There?

This is a true story that places emphasis on a part of Black History that took place in the 1950’s and 1960’s. I was a young girl who was sheltered from many things that took place during this time period. I had friends that were black but did not realize that they were limited in their activities because of a prearranged world.

The color of their skin limited their activities. They had to use different facilities, wait out back for their food, or sit in the balcony at the movie theatre.

I wrote this story because our children need to live in a world free of prejudice. Lines should no longer divide black and white.

Nobody is Somebody

This story is real and you know it is true. How does a child find the gift that he has been given?

It is not unusual for a child to be put into embarrassing situations, while they are finding out who they
Self realization is very important to all children. Stories, they can relate to, will developing a child’s personality.