Rowland F Stenrud

The author grew up in a Catholic family although his father was a Pentecostal before converting to Catholicism. He studied to be a Maryknoll missionary priest at the Maryknoll College Seminary in Glen Ellyn, Illinois earning a B.A. in Philosophy. He did hospital work while in the Army. This work plus his brother’s forty-four-year life as a quadriplegic gave him experience in the world of human suffering. In his work as a Social Security claims representative, he gained further intimate knowledge of the moral, emotional, and financial struggles of his fellow man. He left the Catholic Church and for a short while belonged to a Reformed Church. His many years of personal Bible study were guided by his desire to find the truth rather than confirmation of his beliefs. His primary areas of theological interest are the problem of evil, Christian non-violence, creationism, God’s mercy and sovereignty, and Christology. He has two grown sons and lives in the San Francisco Bay Area

Rowland F. Stenrud

Yeshua, The Crucified Serpent: How Yahweh Saved Mankind

Yeshua, The Crucified Serpent: How Yahweh Saved Mankind

Yeshua, The Crucified Serpent challenges the standard Christian teaching about God’s creation of Adam and Eve and their disobedience along with Yeshua’s identity. It shows that Yeshua was perfected on our behalf and not punished on our behalf. He crucified his own human wisdom (the serpent) in going to the cross. See Numbers 21:8-9 and John 3:14.

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