Rosella Calauti

Rosella Calauti works in the New York State Public School System. She manages and teaches her High School students daily since 2005 in various Career and Technical Education Courses. Her inspiration for the book Friends: Here… There… Everywhere… came from her students and becoming an aunt for the first time, which was amazing and the book is also dedicated to her nephew. Rosella Calauti is a career changer who brought her wordly knowledge to the classroom and found her passion, working with children. She worked hard obtaining a B.S. Degree in Fashion, and a 2-year degree in commercian and fine art. She owned and operated a sign business and has worked in the commercial art industry. Her Journey did not end here; she persisted and attended Manhattanville College where she obtained a Masters in Art Education.

She continues to pursue her passion, teaching in the Hudson Valley with certification in both Art, and Family and Consumer Sciences. She obtained an additional Masters in Humanistic and Multicultural Education at SUNNY New Paltz, where the first draft of Friends: Here… There… Everywhere… was produced. Rosella Calauti continues her journey with a commitment to education and believes to reach your full potential you must continually learn.

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