Michelle Moreno

Michelle Moreno, a small-town country girl, never dreamed that one day she would published a book, much less use the events in her life to help others who are struggling the same way she did. But one day her world turned upside down, when her beloved daddy passed away from cancer and soon after finding out her husband was having an affair when she needed him the most. She was lost, but she lost herself in her writing in God’s arms. She prayed and prayed for God to remove the loneliness, the heaviness that lay on her hear, missing her daddy, who was her rock and her husband for 23 years. Till this day, she misses her daddy so much and still cares for the man who hurt her, but her life is now in the Lord’s hands & not her own. In this book, you will read everything she experienced, but to where the readers can relate to, and seek God’s word to deliver them from the shackles that have been keeping them from seeing their worth. Not only did she go through the trials, that many others find themselves in, not knowing where to run too, or who to trust, but she came out stronger, wiser, more compassionate, loving and forgiving. God is the lamp of our feet, to carry us when times get tough and we feel like we have no strength left to go on. God wants us to walk in to a new restored life of peace , love , a new relationship with Jesus Christ!

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