Mary T Kincaid

I’m an Oklahoma girl who spent thirty years living in the deep South. I’m an observer. Everything can be the basis of a good story. Story ideas are everywhere. No need to give you my dates like I’ve passed from this life. I’m here. It’s now. Let’s read.

I write stories for children. The golden age of adventure when they can still use their imagination is between the ages of six and twelve. I love creating worlds for them to explore. Reading is so important. It is the gateway to their future.

Hawk McCoy: The Penthiads

Hawk is learning to collect fingerprints using his Fingerprint Guide For All Occasions. The summer looms before him and he wants to solve a mystery using his Super Sleuth 100. Where in Izlet Bay will he find a mystery? He settles into his job at the Carousal Inn where he vacuum and cleans glass doors. He practices analyzing fingerprints until he discovers the mystery he is looking for.

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