Juliet C. Smedley

Juliet lives in Layton, Utah. She was married for 48 years before her husband passed away. They have 6 children and their spouses and 25 Grandchildren. She taught first grade and currently is a piano teacher. She graduated from BYU with a BA in Education. She loves to travel and has been to many states and countries. She has always loved children’s books and was pleased to finally write her own book.

Once I Was Little, Now I Am Big

For several years I have observed how many things look so different now than when I was younger. I felt driven to write a book about it. When you are a small child, many things look huge to you, even sometimes the food on your plate. The book is about changes is our life taken from the big and little concept. Life changes some things that looked huge to a child, now look smaller, don’t fit, etc. as you get older. This book contains some of those comparisons that looked one way as a child, but as an older child or even as an adult, they look, feel, or fit a different way.