Judith and Colin Wilkie

Judith Wilkie retired after 35 years of teaching in the Wheaton Warrenville Community Unit School District 200 in Illinois. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Education from Northern Illinois University; two masters’ degrees, one in Education from National Louis University and the second in Educational Leadership from Aurora University both in Illinois. Judith is married to Colin (co-author) for 30 plus years. They share two sons; Justin who is deceased and Scott an adult on the Autistic Spectrum. The family resides together in Warrenville, Illinois. The Lost Shoe is Judith’s first published Children’s book.

Colin Wilkie is currently the Energy Education Operations Manager for the Wheaton Warrenville Community Unit School District 200 in Illinois. Colin is very active in his hometown of Warrenville, Illinois where he lives with his wife of thirty plus years Judy (co-author) and their adult son Scott. Colin is the chairperson of the Warrenville Friends of the 4th which plans the city of Warrenville’s two day Fourth of July celebration.  Also elected as a Commissioner to the Warrenville Park District, Colin has held that seat for over ten years. The Lost Shoe is his first children’s publication.


The Lost Shoe

Ever see a shoe on the side of the road and wonder how it got there or searched your house for a missing shoe never to be found?

The Lost Shoe is a heartwarming tale that laces together the adventure of a Right Shoe that gets separated from its owner and Left Shoe.

During his journey Right Shoe questions if he will ever be useful again. Experiencing a range of emotions from sadness to pure joy Right Shoe continues to hope for the best. Feeling like a heel, he remembers there are some things in life that you have no control over so you should relax and go with the flow.

Right Shoe learns a priceless life lesson that everybody is unique and each person needs to embrace their distinctive qualities. Everyone can be useful in their own way if given a chance. With the help of a beachcomber, cat, puppy, and nurse, Right Shoe finds an unexpected special new owner showing that determination can lead to a happy ending.

Join Right Shoe in an adventure of miss-steps taking him from the shoe store to a hospital and stops in-between, searching for his real sole and a new purpose in life. Although Right Shoe doesn’t find his Left Shoe or former owner he discovers through invaluable experiences that he can be happy and useful in a whole new way.