Glenda Jensen

Glenda Lee Jensen is a retired English teacher who attributes her imaginative and creative writing to the many family stories that her grandparents told her while she was growing up. Not only family has inspired her to write but also her former students.  She also gives some credibility to her own imagination while growing up whether it is playing cowboys and Indians with her neighbors using bicycles as horses or pretending to swing through the jungles on a swing set.  Glenda is currently a freelance writer who also has had two poems and one novel published.

Glenda currently resides in Mesquite, Texas along with her dog, Ricky.  She is the mother of three grown children and six grandchildren who also has been an inspiration for her writing.


Creechville is a town full of different creatures that has specific jobs and are different colors and shapes.  Children will learn different colors plus the shapes are fun.  There are also blank pages for the children to personalize.

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