Gina Venable

Gina is a born and bred Hoosier and grew up in Northwest Indiana. She currently lives in a small Indiana town that is peaceful and quiet and a haven for wildlife that live in the woods behind her home. She is an animal and nature lover and thinks all living things are God’s creations and all forms of life should be respected.
Gina is a retired Mental Health Therapist and saw people and life at their worst for 34 years. She can’t change the world but she can write about a world she would like to see, and write about people at their best or trying to be their best.
Gina is currently an AmeriCorps Service Member who has been placed at a local Food Bank and assists in distributing food to those with food insecurities.
She is also a die hard Chicago Cubs fan. Her mother was a Cubs fan and when she passed away, Gina picked up the torch and carries it proudly, especially after their 2016 World Series win.
She hopes you enjoy this book and look for the sequel she is in the process of writing now.

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