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Eileen L. Maschger, wife, mother, friend developed her love for writing as a way to be creative , make up her own rules to developing beautiful stories that will allow the reader to escape reality for a brief moment and walk alongside her characters in their world of teen fantasy. In her spare time she enjoys crafting, cooking amazing cuisines and spending time with her family as often as possible.


The Forgotten Prince

A banished prince Darien wanders his kingdom alone, forced to witness the tyranny and greed his uncle has promoted in his absence. However, there has been a prophecy that claims the prince will right all his past wrongs, and save his kingdom. When Darien is swept up by a traveling band of gypsy performers he discovers one of the twin matriarch’s is the very woman who foretold his prophecy. Where one matriarch is welcoming and open, the other is full of suspicion and starts to pry into the prince’s story. Darien finds himself thrust on a journey towards understanding himself, his past, and his uncle. Through trial and error, the forgotten prince learns that he can draw strength from his new gypsy family and find confidence amid his sorrow to fulfill his destiny.

The Fourth Princess

No one is what they seem in this unpredictable adaptation of a classic fairy tale.
A rebellious Princess Josephine, known as The Fouth Princess throughout the kingdoms, becomes unexpected friends with a naive Prince Wendell. Their worlds are turned upside down as everything they thought they knew about their families turn out to be only the beginning. Through their encounters with a mad king, selfish queen, and a clever fool their story shows that looking the part isn’t always the same as acting the part.

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