Diane Estelle Imhoff

Diane Estelle Imhoff, author of  “Whispers Turned Shrill” died in October 2020. This is her first published book of poetry where a number of the poems included have appeared in other publications:

The following poems were previously published in the California State University, Chico, Department of English poetry periodical, Watershed-Loving the Killer first appeared in Watershed, volume 15, Number 1, 1991.

Acacia first appeared in Watershed, volume 16, Number 2, 1993.
These Two Messengers, Chalklines, and It is good to be with you in the morning first appeared in Watershed, volume 17, Number 2, 1994.

The poem The Man Underground was previously published in the volume WeSpeak for Peace, an anthology of contemporary peace poetry edited by RuthHarriet Jacobs, Ph.D., by Knowledge, Ideas & Trends, Inc., Manchester, CT, 1993.

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