Delores Henriques

I am Delores Henriques and as far as I could remember I wanted to be an Educator. I began my teaching career in Jamaica at age 21 and when I migrated to the United States, I continued the same path.

My education on this journey includes a Bachelors Degree in Education from the University of the West Indies, Masters in Education from the American InterContinental University and my Education Specialist Degree (Ed.S) in Early Childhood Education from North Central University.

My philosophy “every child can learn” has given me the strong conviction to support the individual needs of every child every day. The knowledge that children learn in different ways, and implementing effective strategies and creative ways in my classroom, has helped my students grow and succeed in all areas of learning and development.


Delores Henriques

Bridging the Gap – Parent’s Guide for Struggling Learners in Elementary Schools, My Animal Alphabet Book: And a Note to Parents Who Want Their Children to Succeed, I love The Trees

I love The Trees

The story is about a group of First Graders and their teacher who wanted to make Earth Day an exceptional occasion. Mr. Rogers invited Farmer Jones to participate in the activities. Mr. Rogers placed the children into four groups, and each group will plant one kind of tree. Farmer Jones showed the children step by step on how to plant a tree. They planted pine, apply, elm, and dogwood trees. At the end of the tree planting activity, Mr. Rogers had a final event for the class to do. They worked together in their groups and completed a presentation, responding to a question. “If you could be a tree, what kind of tree would you be?”

My Animal Alphabet Book: And a Note to Parents Who Want Their Children to Succeed

This is an animal alphabet book that does not teach the alphabet in isolation but gives the child the opportunity to learn to read. This book is intentional in preparing the kindergarten child for the first grade. The focus is on learning the alphabet, building vocabulary, and reading skills. The beginning kindergarten child’s focus is on learning the alphabet, but by the end of the second nine weeks of school, children will be doing much more than the alphabet. They will be reading sight words and CVC words. CVC words are three-letter words, such as run, man, top. The goal of this book is to make learning to read fun for the young child.

Bridging the Gap – Parent’s Guide for Struggling Learners in Elementary Schools

Is your child struggling to learn? You are not alone. According to educators and psychologists, the struggling learner has become a part of the framework of our education system. This book offers tips and suggestions parents can use outside of school to help the child move forward. Researchers and educators have acknowledged the home as the first school, and a stepping stone for formal education. Parent involvement is a partnership between the home, the school, and the community. The union of these three essential roles creates balance, security, ensure a better self-image, and encourages learning. Although the contribution of the family is crucial to the growth and development of young children, parent involvement is difficult to uphold in our schools. I hope this book will help parents see how critical their participation is in the development and training of children and will use the tips to influence growth and education, as they work with their children at home.

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