David H. Coop

H. Coop resides in California with his wife, Kay. He was a fire paramedic in Los Angeles County area for 11 years. As the result of a fall at a fire, he worked in the fire prevention bureau for a year and then took a medical retirement.

Fortunately, he had a social sciences teaching credential with a major in history or as he would tell his students, he “fell into teaching.” For 20 years he has written as a guest columnist on the subject of history. He has drawn upon his experiences as a marine toolmaker, fire paramedic fire prevention plan checker, history teacher, avid reader and a philatelist to write his second book, the morning dove.

David H. Coop

The Philatelist, The Morning Dove

The Morning Dove

The Morning Dove is a madcap satire set in a small bech town. When an early morning small fire breaks out in a vacant theater, Mabel, the town gossip, starts a chain of events that has local, state, and federal governments in a state of panic. The fire is a cataliyst for Mabel’s colorful imagination. As the hysteria spreads, some of the politicians use the news reporters to promote their personal agendas. Not one to shy from the spotlight. Mabel seems to be everywhere the cameras are. The fire inspector C.E. Hall, arrives uppn the chaotic scene to investigate and separate fact from fiction. During his investigation, C.E. learns more about the residents’ characteristics and often odd behaviors that make for a hilarious story.

The Philatelist

The death of an elderly German lady sets off a series of events that leads to murder and links to the historical past. The key to the events is an international stamp book that C. E. Hall, a fire insurance investigator / philatelist, purchased from a stamp store.

The stamp book is a record of a mysterious organization that links back before WWII. Powerful figures are trying to find the stamp book as C.E. Hall tries to unravel the mystery held within the stamp book. As C. E. Hall goes through the book, he discovers a sinister organization that had possibly tried to assassinate world leaders during WWII.

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