Charles Sampson

Charles Sampson, Ph. D., emeritus professor of public affairs and black studies is a founding member of the Harry S. Truman School of Public Affairs, University of Missouri, USA. He is also a founding member of the University of Missouri Department of Black Studies. Sampson was awarded the PhD in Public and International Affairs, University of Pittsburgh in 1974 where he focused on urban and regional planning. He joined the MU faculty in the summer of 1988; initially serving as associate dean of the Graduate School and then dean from 1996-2000. During his decanal appointment he sought and obtained greater than $15M in grants and contracts to support the matriculation of STEM graduate and undergraduate programs on campuses across the state of Missouri.

In 2012 the J. William Fulbright Foreign Scholarship Board selected Professor Sampson as recipient of a Fulbright award to facilitate his appointment as visiting professor, Khan Kaen University, Thailand. Dr. Sampson has also served as visiting professor, School of Government, University of Western Cape in South Africa. His service to the profession includes past membership on the national council of American Society of Public Administration (ASPA); editorial boards of American Review of Public Administration, Public Administration Review, and Journal of Social Policy and Public Management. His public policy and administration research has been published in refereed scholarly journals and book chapters. His research agenda focuses on voting rights policy in the USA and, minority-governed municipalities. His post retirement publications include the text, Vanishing Beacons: Black Mayors and the Challenge of Governance in Urban Regimes and Voting Rights Policy, (2018) and his memoir, Sparrows of Senegambia (2021). Sampson formerly served as chair of the committee on fiscal affairs for the MU Faculty Council and the MU representative to the Consortium of International Management, Policy, and Development (CIMPAD) a group of higher education institutions, and non-governmental organizations devoted to sustainable governance among rising democracies in Sub-Saharan Africa.

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