Carl Brush

I’ve been writing since I could write, which is quite a long time now. I grew up and live in Northern California, close to the roots of the people and action of three of my historical thrillers, The Maxwell Vendetta, and its sequel, The Second Vendetta, both of which take place in 1908-10 San Francisco and the high Sierra. The third of the trilogy, Bonita, is set in pre-gold-rush San Francisco. A fourth in the series is on the way.

For The Yellow Rose I made a literary jump from California to Texas, where my co-author, the late Bob Stewart, dwelled. It’s a tale of the Texas revolution and an imagined affair between Sam Houston and a legendary mulatto woman, Emily West, who is best remembered in

Texas legend as The Yellow Rose of Texas.

If you look carefully, you can find me living with his wife in Oakland, California, where he enjoys the blessings of nearby children and grandchildren.

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