Camilo Iribarren

Camilo Iribarren is a college alumni who plans to achieve a degree in higher sciences. He has been interested in magic tricks since he was young and began practicing when he was in high school. Iribarren began writing when he started college in Chicago, but he fully published Conjuring Deception when he was in York College in Queens, NY. His most influential and favorite writer is Lee Child, the creator of the Jack Reacher novels. The Conjuring Deception series is the first book series written and there are plans for new ones in the future.

Conjuring Deception

In Seattle, there have been a number of crimes committed by magicians and con artists. No law enforcer has been able to solve these misdeeds, until FBI agent Simon Shakespeare decided to form a team of magicians to help solve these acts of misconduct. Shakespeare is an expert in close up magic, but he knows he needs help when it comes to other specialties of magic, so he recruits cardist Ophelia Brownstone, mentalist Feste Fillmore, stage illusionist Juliet Gardner and escape artist Damon MacBeth. The team solves crimes involving any type of magic tricks and misconduct done to magicians. Their unique understanding of each specialty comes in handy to dissect the scene and create certain profiles of the perpetrators. Their current cases involve a jewel robber from three different cities and leaving a message that no one can decipher. Then, they will have to find out who is robbing five men and how come these men cannot remember how their bank accounts got cleaned out. How will they ever solve these cases?

Investigative Deception

It is the sequel of Conjuring Deception, having two knew criminal cases for FBI Agent Simon Shakespeare nad his team of magicians. Amember of a magic duo is kidnapped by a religious fanatic. Feste Fillmore, the mentalist of the team, and his sister Ophelia Brownstone, the cardist, find love, but there is someone who is plotting to break another team member; someone wants to hurt Damon MacBeth