Bunny Peper

Bunny Peper and her husband Doug live in a small community near Chama, New Mexico. Where they raised their two children Lance and Lesha. Even though “yardening” is her passion she loves spending time with her grandchildren and found great joy through the years working with children. This inspired her to write children’s stories. Bunny Peper wrote her first story “Little Abner” in 1987 when she was teaching the Cubbie in Awana’s at her church. She stretched the story over a four-to-five-week period to keep the children captivated not knowing how the story would end herself this was their story.

It was the year 1997 before she wrote her second story “Dudley Bear Goes to Gramma’s”. Bunny Peper had nursery at her church on a particular Sunday, so she wrote this story to occupy their time. Needing a snack for the children, she came up with her version of “Banana Bear Puddin” that would fit the story and this was their story. “Pass the Water Please” and “Hurry Please Thumper” were class assignments in 1999 and 2000. Bunny Peper was at a crossroads. Pursue her writing or do some major landscaping on their home place. She chose to landscape.

It would be 18 years later before Bunny Peper wrote “Letters from Jeremy Mouse”. In 2018, her daughter had given her daughters kindergarten teacher a little mailbox. Bunny Peper had a little white finger puppet mouse, and because she knew the kindergarten teacher and her granddaughter was in that class, she got the idea for the “Jeremy Mouse Letters.” Very few people knew that Bunny Peper was behind the letters. The letters and her book were a well-kept secret until Dec. 5th,2023 when it was revealed to that now 5th grade class, who are now in Jr. High.

The letters are the same as when they were in kindergarten, but now they have illustrations to go with the letters. All their names are listed in the book as well as business who contributed to this adventure and this was their story. In December 2021 Bunny Peper wrote “Building a Snowman”. This poem triggered  creating the book of “Building a Snowman and Five Fables of Adventure.” This book was thirty-six years in the making, and it has been quite a journey.

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