Ruth Nopson

A Collection of Short Stories has something for ages three to young teens. Young children will enjoy “Buster Bunnie’s Thanksgiving.” Mrs. Bunny sends Buster to the woods to pick berries for Thanksgiving pie. Buster gets into trouble.

In “Mila the Little Turtle,” Hudson gets Milla for a birthday present. Mom ties a balloon on a string and around Milla’s shell. Suddenly the wind picks up the little turtle and she flies away, landing in a tree.

“Time and Time Again” is a fun way to create a story using one word like “time.”

Children will enjoy the “Brief Encounter,” It is the story of two little mice, Eek and Click, who live on a mouse pad at Microsoft.

“Captain Pookie’s Big Adventure” is a story about Captain Pookie, his pet parrot Thatch, and his pet snail Roscoe, who lives in a potted plant on Captain Pookie’s sailboat. The Super Sloope.

A favorite story for young girls is “The Magic of Snowflake.” A white kitten with magical powers arrives on a moonbeam at the home of Emma. The kitten wants to show everyone how to be happy and to love each other. Grandma Jan makes a pink scarf for Emma and one for Snowflake. Years later, Snowflake goes back to heaven on a moonbeam. Emma puts her pink scarf around her neck and holds Snowflake scarf to her cheeks. A bright star is shining in heaven. Emma knows her kitten has completed her journey and everything became magical.


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