Jeff Wright

 Across the twelve seas, in the land of Ur – King William, ruler of the Northern Kingdom, betrothed his daughter, Juliette, Countess of Lyon Head, to Richard, son of King Fredrick, ruler of the Southern Kingdom. The Wedding was to stop the wars between the two empires once and for all.

This arrangement was unsettling to the sisters of Black Water – a dark evil place on the Isle of Drake. The sisters, Greta and Hagar, were witches, better known as the Twins. They would stop at nothing to ensure the two kingdoms never united.

Unbeknownst to King William, the Twins had a spy. One deceitful character on the king’s council. He was more than pleased to secretly hand over information to the witches on Juliette’s whereabouts. With Juliette out of the Picture – the wedding could not take place.

It was on one of her many escorted journeys through the Redwood Forest that she was abducted. While, the Twins held Juliette captive in their filthy dungeon below their castle, she was forced to drink an evil potion, sealing her fate forever.

This ruthless deed by the Twins would set in motion the Ancient One’s long journey through time to find the promise.


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