Protected: Daniel Harry

“Daniel Harry’s new book “The Jesus Ring” uncovers a modern-day depiction of the book of Revelation and the events leading to the final apocalypse.
An ancient ring washes onto the sand and shells of the Florida shoreline. Peter Christian, a young American veteran struggling with PTSD, finds the ring and slips it on his finger. He isn’t aware the ring’s last wearer was God’s own son. The ring’s purpose is to find the person chosen to champion the faithful into the future, if it has one.
Peter discovers the ring will change him physically and gives him the ability to communicate directly with God. God has given the humans this last chance to come back to him, or he will wash his hands of the petri dish we call Earth and leave it to Satan and his swarm to devour and destroy.
This time, the ring has chosen a warrior instead of a lover of peace, as there are harsh times coming. Peter is very familiar with the ominous, horrific events predicted for the end-times, and he will be given the means to build fantastic devices to help save mankind, if the faithful win. Peter and eleven disciples have been destined for this seemingly insurmountable task.
This time God will take a bigger presence in the fight, but He won’t win the battle for them if there are not enough faithful to make winning worthwhile.
Satan’s harvesters, huge carnivores that can only prey on the unfaithful, are coming, and time is running short for the Golden Twelve to save as many as they can.
The Jesus Ring is a modern-day writing—but with many new twists—of the events foretold in the Bible’s book of Revelation.”


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