Where Do You Poop? And What Do You Eat?


Where Do You Poop? And What Do You Eat? was inspirational to me because sometimes children have trouble pooping. Children sometimes feel it’s yucky or smelly or strange to poop. Some children tend to get embarrassed about pooping in public restrooms or even get anxiety about it.

So, this book was conceived on this idea, to help children relax and realize that it’s quite normal to poop. We all poop; even animals poop!

This book was written as an educational tool to teach children why we poop. And, internationally, mammals, reptiles, and insects poop too!

However, this book has many educational levels or layers to it as well. It teaches children about other countries, cities, different animals, and where they live. It teaches alphabets; the sequence of countries is in alphabetical order. This book also teaches weather terrain best for these animals. It gets children thinking about other animals and how to take care of animals and why animals hunt for food-survival!


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