Walk With Me, My Son – You and I Have Some Stories to Tell

by Richard Asmet Awid
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Welcome to my word! It has taken to me approximately two years to gather information required for the writing of this book. The book is a historical biographical one, and the stories in the book center around the fourteen children, and my mother and father who made up our family. The writing of the book was a very tough one for me to write, because in addition to the happy stories being told, there are numerous other stories full of sadness. These sad stories were the toughest for me to write, and I would be telling you a big lie if I said that no tears came to my eyes as I recalled these stories of sadness.

My stories cover a time period of approximately 135 years and they provide you the render, a number of stories not only about my family, but also the stories about what I refer as my extended family. You have the opportunity, as you read the book to learn about some of my relatives, the pioneer Lebanese community and the members of the public who contributed in great part to the lives my family members eventually led.
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