The Reptilian Factor


Although liking her job in the Philadelphia Police Force, she had started becoming restless, wanting more. After completing her Masters’s in Criminal Justice she yearned for detective status, but nothing was available in Philly. So she searched and came up with Tucson, AZ which was looking for a detective on their night squad.

After interviewing and getting the job she left the city that she loved quite a lot, moving to the southwest where she had never been. All was going well for that first year until mangled bodies began accumulating. Amy and her partner Manny Corroda were placed in charge of the investigation. As it turned out, not just any typical investigation. Many years before the remains of a UFO had been discovered in the desert around Tucson, along with an entity of some kind that appeared for the most part lifeless.

Until it escaped and took on a new form. The military acquired the services of Vince Flint and his small, but a capable band of followers to track the creature. Havoc and mayhem build up to a shocking conclusion when Amy discovers that part of her is not truly human after all.

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