The Lost Shoe


Ever see a shoe on the side of the road and wonder how it got there or searched your house for a missing shoe never to be found?

The Lost Shoe is a heartwarming tale that laces together the adventure of a Right Shoe that gets separated from its owner and Left Shoe.

During his journey Right Shoe questions if he will ever be useful again. Experiencing a range of emotions from sadness to pure joy Right Shoe continues to hope for the best. Feeling like a heel, he remembers there are some things in life that you have no control over so you should relax and go with the flow.

Right Shoe learns a priceless life lesson that everybody is unique and each person needs to embrace their distinctive qualities. Everyone can be useful in their own way if given a chance. With the help of a beachcomber, cat, puppy, and nurse, Right Shoe finds an unexpected special new owner showing that determination can lead to a happy ending.

Join Right Shoe in an adventure of miss-steps taking him from the shoe store to a hospital and stops in-between, searching for his real sole and a new purpose in life. Although Right Shoe doesn’t find his Left Shoe or former owner he discovers through invaluable experiences that he can be happy and useful in a whole new way.

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