The Gospel You’ve Never Heard: An Understanding That Will Change Your Life


After initially catching fire as a young Christian man in the early 1970s, Maurie Daigneau committed himself to living a life according to the teachings of the church. He became deeply involved in a variety of Christian initiatives, including using his platform as a well-known football player for Northwestern University to share his faith as a public speaker. He raised a family, started a series of successful companies, pursued a master’s in theology, and remained deeply active in his own church community.
But, over time, he began to sense something was off—both in his own faith and in the faith-life of the broader Christian community. He began to struggle with
disillusionment, wondering what it was that he was not understanding about God’s gospel message. He decided to stop relying on the interpretations of scholars or pastors and go to the source itself: the word of God as found in the Bible. Through careful study, contemplation, and prayer, a new understanding of the gospel began to emerge. One infinitely more inspiring—and demanding—than the one he had embraced originally.
The Gospel You’ve Never Heard is an invitation to all who want to live their lives in accordance with the will of God and make their relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ the priority of their lives. It will appeal to a growing segment of the Christian world that is both concerned with the decline of Christianity in America and who are genuinely seeking to grow in the knowledge and understanding of the most important communication ever received by mankind.

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