The Day My Life Changed: (An Accident Survivor)

by Linda Crosby
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Have you ever had an event that changed your life through no fault of your own? One day, you are independent, and the next day, you depend on others. The Day My Life Changed: (An Accident Survivor), I take you on a journey before, doing, and after a horrific life-changing event, that nearly took my life, and left me with disabilities. I had to write my book by using a speech to write program, because I have bilateral carpal tunnel syndrome, and I am totally and permanently disabled, too. So, my book is a labor of love straight from my heart to yours. It speaks about how every day of my life I face pain that greets me in the morning and stays during the day and tucks me into bed at night, but God is carrying me every step of the way. And my caregiver is my husband, Roy, and he is fighting cancer, heart disease, and he has Graves’ disease, too. But by God’s grace we are enduring.

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