The Book Of Moors

by Lonnie Bray EL

The Book Of Moors is a book of Moorish history, culture and a rite of passage in four volumes, by Top-Rated Author, Lonnie Bray EL, author of Moorish American Nationality Keys Of The Moorish American Institute, “Top-100 Rated out of 668,063, #17 in Court Records Procedures and #27 in Administrative Law – Indigenous Peoples” (, 2023). This author’s work seeks to eliminate discrimination in nationality laws and practice by building administrative
capacity for civil registry and addressing gaps in national laws causing statelessness.

“Sacred and Forbidden secrets of The Moorish
American Institute are in Human-Togetherness
and Top Quality Education” (Lonnie EL).

Moor is a term (Anglos) replaced with negro (Johnson, 1775) for purposes of slavery. “Being a Negro is a crime”
(national and international) (William Dungey v. Joseph Spencer, 1855 U.S.), because it is a term of statelessness, meaning without a Nationality. The Book Of Moors offers a historic path to lawful Human recognition through the National terms Moor, American, and Moorish American.
This work flowered, and flourished from familial notes, painstaking research, and life and death tests in dark tribunals, jungle mountains, and uncharted, sacred Pyramid ruins, where I was challenged to make this work worthy to be titled, The Book Of Moors. For teachers pupils, and enthusiasts of Moorish History who want to be taken seriously about the subject of Moors, as well as plain ‘ol Black folks who just want to know where they come from, The Book Of Moors is a must.

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