Swindle in Sawtooth Valley: Maxwell Family Saga 3


To Andrew Maxwell and his family, it seems everyone in their tiny frontier town of Sawtooth Wells is out to get him, his wife, Theresa Many Clouds, and their two adopted mixed-race children. Andy is a prominent citizen whose mother owns the biggest ranch for miles around, but he is part Negro. Many Clouds is full-blooded Arapaho, and their two children adopted are mixed-race Caucasian and native American. The family makes convenient targets for those hostile to the notion that people of non-European descent would live among them at all.
No wonder the little family has a tough time living a peaceful existence on the small plot of land they’ve carved out for themselves. Like mosquitoes love blood, those hungry for money, power, and swarm toward anything that smells of riches. Enter an unscrupulous corporation, a gang of plutocrats, and a clique of politicians and you have the SWINDLE IN SAWTOOTH VALLEY.
This western thriller, set in 1914 Northern California, is rich in suspense, history, and romance. Andrew and Many Clouds struggle against the avaricious forces that seek to destroy their love and the homestead they’ve struggled so hard to establish. It is a tale that will keep you spellbound and leave you wishing there were more pages to turn once you’ve finished.

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