Straight from my Heart: Journeys of Hope, Love and Peace


Straight from my Heart shares several inspiring tales of hope and courage intended to resonate with anyone who has suffered a hardship or the loss of a loved one. She considers whether there is life after death. She ventures on journeys to the other side of the rainbow to a place where there is no pain and no illness. She goes to a place where we can find love in our hearts, peace in our sous, and happiness in our lives again, even when it seems that all has been lost along the way.
Each story seeks to open hearts, touch souls, and encourage all to believe in what is possible. Straight from my Heart provides the opportunity to know and understand that life continues afther this life on earth. We need to open our hearts to the positive energy and the spirit of loved ones who are on the other side waiting to greet uswith open arms when it is our turn to journey to the other side.

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