Stop Dancing with The Enemy

by Mari Plank
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What do you want the reader to gain from reading it? Beloved daughter of the Most High God, are you tired of limitation and fears? Are you feeling unloved, or do you question your worth and value? Do you desire freedom or courage? Would you like to know the depth and width of God’s love? Do you desire to be set free from the past? Do you lack self-confidence, or are you trapped by shame and guilt? Do you feel bound? Imprisoned? Limited? Stuck? Hopeless? Have you answered “yes” to any of these questions? Then this book is for you.
Stop Dancing with the Enemy will help you:
* Gain insight as to the source of your limitations and how to move with more freedom and power through God’s Word and His love.
* Gain freedom over insecurity
* Understand how your identity in Christ will heal and transform
* Overcome past abuse
* Learn the powerful healing truth of God’s love.
* Develop more confidence
* Defeat shame, guilt, and fear

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