Quiet. Fear.: An Autobiographical Novel Second Edition

by Cynthia J. Giachino
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A true straightforward novel/memoir written in third person, with the character Lilly, to take the reader on the author’s personal journey of life, for four decades, beginning in the 1950’s and ending in the 1980’s. It shows what experiencing and living with traumatic affects from a serial sexual abuser can do to the victim, but also to the family and friendships. Her story begins in a psychologist’s office where Lilly seeks help in being a better mother for her child. She knows that by understanding her past, she can regain her strength for the present and the future, and the trials she faces as she becomes a young adult truly tests her abilities in choosing life over death and love over hate. Quiet. Fear. covers a taboo subject in the 1950’s, and brings it to life, here in the new millennium.

Can she fight the demons of her memory? Is she strong enough to survive this battlefield? Lilly is about to discover what happens when secrets are given a new life.

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BlueInk Review

"This is a detailed, unflinching story of abuse and the damage that follows, but also of the mind's amazing ability to endure and heal."


Devastating to read, but hard to put down, the novel is divided into eras of Lilly's life that are marked by her love of nature, her academic progress and the family vacations, weddings, and celebrations that become terrifying events for a youngster facing ongoing sexual abuse...straight foreword but dynamic writing.

Foreword Review

"...the novel becomes justice driven as Lilly shifts from being a survivor into being a heroine."

Kirkus Reviews

"The author, writing in the third person, delivers an intimate portrait brimming with insight. What is in Lilly's head is never in question..."

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