Love, Lies & Lab Coats Volume 1

by Dee Bostic
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Back by popular demand, Love, Lies & Lab Coats brings an unusual group of people together at the South Hill Medical Center in Spokane, Washington. The characters include a narcissistic surgeon, a brilliant medical technologist, an insecure co-worker, two parking attendants from divergent backgrounds, a talented chef, a middle-aged woman hiding from her past, a sick child and a devoted group of doctors. Whether you’re looking for a good love story, one that confronts preconceived notions of racial boundaries or perhaps just an entertaining, warm tale of how many chapters in life overlap and form lasting bonds that ripple through our memories, then you’ve found you must read right here. These dissimilar characters tackle difficult, realistic issues through social commentary and soul searching. They help us take a step forward or look within as we follow them on the road to love, forgiveness, redemption, and self-acceptance. Some of these issues can be extremely challenging, however, these colorful characters offer a little something for everyone. As the story unravels, they weave their way through their trials and will keep you rooting for them as they find a place in your heart. Enjoy the ride

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The US Review

This workplace saga incorporates themes of love and friendship while also tackling social issues of mental health, healthcare, and race relations. The result is a richly woven tapestry of friendship and love that provides fresh insights about forging connections with people and seeking answers together through supportive collaboration. The characters come to life with flaws and gifts in equal measure. Their humanity thrums with yearning as their individual needs and personalities determine their goals and pathways forward.

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