Living a Disordered Life


Living a Disordered Life is about growing up with the confusion that something is wrong when being told everything looks alright. It gives the reader an understanding from the first-person perspective what life is like without medication and not the proper support of what the life’s journey is like through this story.
You will see what builds up in a person’s character and you will learn things they do to cope with it. When life becomes too overwhelming, a bipolar episode happens and leads to a discovery of an undiagnosed condition that had been controlling the life of the main character until discovered. With medicine, for the ups and downs of the main character finally get a second chance and changing doctors, following a treatment plan, and committing to therapy lead to a healthier living.
Learning was not enough for me. I want to advocate for mental awareness and say thanks to the people who helped me get to where I am now. However, just writing about my experiences is to give the student or reader something to see what one goes through and get the strength to voice about it.

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