Journey of an Accidental Artist

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Journey of an Accidental Artist is about the spiritual journey of healing through which Selena finds her gift of art and soul purpose. After the passing of her mother, Selena questions life and death. Through her grief, she explores channeling the afterlife, past lives, soul families, energy healing and intuitive healing arts. Selena discovers that she can paint and within two years, she has created over 200 paintings and is exhibiting and selling at festivals, tradeshows, holistic spas, gift stores, cafes and galleries. The divine synchronicities that guide her on her journey to meet her soul tribe and bloom into an artist is amazing. Selena shows how the cathartic process of of creating art in a sacred space can stimulate self-discovery and healing. The chapters are filled with illustrations of her paintings that correspond with her journey. The story will inspire you to realize there is more to us than our physical being; that we can co-create a happy fulfilling life before crossing over to the other side.

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