How’s Your Money, Mouth, and Morals

by Pamela Tashne
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Do you want to be wise, prosperous and blessed by God? Do you ever observe others who seem to have it all together? Their children set high expectations for themselves, are well-behaved, morally upright, and work hard to achieve their goals. What is the secret? They have been taught how to handle money, how to choose their words wisely and how to act in a godly manner. They have a complete grasp on the 3 big M’s (Money, Mouth, and Morals) of God’s Word. Your life and the lives of your children will blossom once these principles are applied. Tashne’s work is a testament to timeless wisdom found in the book of Proverbs. For those seeking a path to prominence, prosperity and profound spiritual growth this book is invaluable.

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