Elevate Your Mind to Success: Take Your Thoughts to a Higher Level

by Jill Fandrich PharmD
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Who is responsible for the current “programming” of your mind?


How can you replace negative thoughts with positive, energetic, and successful ones?


What challenges may occur, and how can you overcome them?


How can you be masterfully conditioned and energized for success?


How can you “elevate” your mind with the right stuff?


Elevate Your Mind to Success is based on the premise of becoming aware of the thoughts that currently hold an instinctive position in your mind. Are they allowing you to respond to situations while aligning with your values? Are they uplifting and innovative? Do they represent whom you desire yourself to be? This book guides you to recognize, reframe, and replace the negative or unsupportive thoughts in your mind, allowing them to exemplify the values most important to you instead. You will be thoroughly challenged as you become masterfully conditioned to automatically respond in ways representative of favorable and successful tendencies. By learning these techniques, you will gain insight and begin thinking without persuasion or concern for a poor knee-jerk reaction. And not only will you be inspired, but you will also be an inspiration for others! By internalizing these skills and strategies, you will be passionately, energetically, and mindfully equipped to lead by your confident and influential example. You will be undoubtedly and successfully prepared while leaving a footprint that will positively impact and enlighten future generations.

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